Stan Stewart is a pianist

just for now

As much as we humans may fight it, right now – the present moment – is the only moment we have. It’s etched in the words of the philosophers and 12-step programs. “One day at a time.” My core artistry is music. And I’m often a perfectionist about it. The trick is that my voice …

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Poem 0167: feel

Spilling over to feeling contentment — Dread can no longer hold its sway — Waters of hope and longing and being Wash the well-known “lonely” away. Present to wonders of being the in breath: Simple reminders of compassion’s time. Rising and falling, the belly reminds us Of rhythms suspended like poems that don’t rhyme. ~ …

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Poem 0165: dragonfly 2

dragonflies run in circles do cartwheels around each other around the lilypads around the lilies that rise above them dragonflies rise high above anything imaginable to this kayak-bound frog     ~ by Stan Stewart Copyright © 2011 by muz4now, Inc. All Rights Reserved.