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writing about having nothing to say

Imagine for a moment that it’s blogging day and nothing is coming to the blogger. It’s not that nothing is going on. It’s just the “what to blog about” question. Now, imagine that the blogger is me. No imagination required, actually.

It’s sort of like the white space on a whiteboard. It’s perfectly fine. In fact, the white space is what’s required in order to have the contrast that allows us to see the writing once it’s up on the board. Same here: the contrasting “blank” day allows me to see more clearly the bits that get filled in with inspiration, creative juices, imagination or whatever you want to call it.

Yeah. I went on a couple of blog sites that have the some-number-of-things-to-blog-about. (Just type “what to blog about” into and you’ll see what I mean.) Nothing. Don’t get me wrong, they had some lovely ideas. They just were not ideas that spurred me on to write a post.

Blogging is a sideline, a profession, a job, fun, stressful, imaginative, pedantic, mundane, extraordinary. Funny: I didn’t really set out to be a blogger. Yet here I am on a Wednesday morning with a deadline. Who set the deadline? My business. How many people in my business? Two. And the deadline was not set by the other person.

I took a look at my upcoming topics: fear and creativity, musician’s resource materials, being in the business of a creative artist, social media, music and it’s effects on the brain, and so on. Really of interest to me, each of them. But they either “would take too long” or didn’t grab me this morning.

Well, there you have it. That’s what happens when an improvisational artist tells about having nothing to say. Suddenly, there are 300+ words on the page.

It’s time to post. Another delightful deadline come and gone. If you’re still reading, I think you’re awesome. After all, in many ways, you are my inspiration.

Playful blessings,

17 thoughts on “writing about having nothing to say”

    1. Kate,

      I’m grateful that you like seeing how my mind works. Being comfortable in my own skin is one of the important parts of who I’m becoming … And I’m not there yet.

      Your soul-searching posts have been a great inspiration to me. I’m also grateful for you and for our friendship.

      Playful blessings,

  1. Well, Stan, clearly you had something to say! You said what you thought about not knowing what you thought (to write). I’m working on an essay right now about my difficulty in sharing; not surprisingly, it’s difficult to write because I’m having to share!

    1. Thanks, Patrick. Yes, I enjoy paradox, too. Well, I’m just guessing you enjoy it by the way you’re using it. 😉

      I’m honored to have such wonderful writers and bloggers as you commenting on my novice posts.

      Playful blessings,

  2. I’m so glad you had “nothing to say” and said it anyway! You are an inspiration to me. I’ve thought numerous times about blogging but have not yet taken the plunge into doing it, other than my occasional contributions to the InterPlay NextGen blog. And honestly, there are not a whole lot of blogs that I read. While I love to read self-help stuff and anything inspirational, it turns me off when people are always upbeat & have ‘all of the answers.’ I prefer REAL. And you are that, as you’ve let us see in this post. You inspire me to be comfortable in my own skin. Thank you.

    1. Aw, Susan. That’s awesome of you.

      I’m happy to have places to be real. And I have all the answers anyway. The only problem is that I don’t know what the questions are. 😉

      Playful blessings,

    2. Hi Susan – Agree with you, sometimes it is better to say nothing, but that’s not what most people want to hear and could be the beginning of an assumption with worse consequences – SO – say it anyway and face the music [specially for you], enjoy!

      1. Thanks, Kermath, for joining the dialogue.

        In fact, one of the interesting things about this particular post is that it’s received so many responses. I guess I’m not the only one with “nothing to say”. 😉

  3. ~sigh~ Please forgive me. For not communicating with you on Twitter, here and even on my blog. Depression really, really sucks. Remember when I said I got out of balance? It got better for a very short time then it went in a downward spiral very quickly. That’s what I get for thinking too much and letting myself absorb any amount of toxic energy.

    I feel better right now. That’s all I can say at this time.

    You write about not having anything to say so well. Thank you for linking my blog post with the word, “delightful”. That was so sweet of you.

    You are such an inspiration to me. If were to write from the heart while I’m in the depressed mode, I don’t know what would come out. Maybe more than I’d really like to share.

    Speaking of that, I sure would like to read that essay of yours Patrick. I can definitely relate to having difficulty sharing.

    I think I should give myself a deadline. I’ve done it before and I felt too pressured by it. But, I do have deadlines to meet with other blogging I do, so, I’ll figure something out. Even with the depression. That will be getting out of my comfort zone so it could take some time. Unless I can just not think about it and just do it like I said in my last blog post.

    Thank you for the inspirational muse-ic in words.


    1. Diana,

      Thanks for your honesty and blessings to you in your process. If I have a word of advice, it would be to not “should” yourself with the deadline.

      My desire is to do things because I want to, I’m passionate about them. For me, those survive my changes in mood and outlook more than the shoulds.


  4. Well I wanted to comment on this but now that I have gotten this far past the preliminaries & CAPTCHA Code I find my thumbnail typing on this device has driven off all but nothing yet as your post well demonstates it is that nothing which might bring us all things.
    Thank you for the amusette.

    1. Wayne,

      So good to hear from you here.
      CAPTCHA is deactivated in honor of your comment. 😉

      I deeply appreciate your musical gifts — especially to young people.

      Playful blessings,

  5. The joy of the blank page. Whether blogger or songwriter, there is nothing that can instill such panic or utter excitement. 🙂

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