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A window shade - image by Steve Johnson via Pexels

Shade – an improvised poem

Not the kind we find
The sort we throw
Do we throw it up?
Or do we throw shade down?
What goes up must come down 
So perhaps it doesn’t matter 
We throw shade at politicians,
Entertainers, celebrities,
Family members, and maybe even 
At friends 
We throw it for spite,
Out of jealousy,
Or to get back at someone 
The shade we throw
Is supposed to make us
Feel better 
But I’ve found that I can
For each shade thrown
I get a mirror full
Of it
Thrown back
At me

~ Spontaneously (improvised, unedited) created by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2022 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.

Shades (tinted glasses) via Pixabay

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