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Spiral Heart Candle

Winter Snow Spiral Meditation For You

2020 has been unusual in so many ways. On one hand, we’ve seen so many concerns raised and, on the other hand, a few victories have kept the spiral of life going. Almost everyone I know and interact with has had some difficult moments this year. Whatever your challenges and joys have been, I hope that this year and this season are ending on a “good note” for you.

What’s up, 2020?

Spiral Heart Candle

Normally, in my final post of the year, I share my top tracks from the previous 12 months. Well, one of the unprecedented things about 2020 is how much interest there’s been in my music. You who are my fans are always my favorites!

But there’s also been a surge of requests for commissions and custom songs this year. That’s keeping me very busy, so I’m going to keep this blog post brief. (I need to get back to work!)

I’ve also had many new VIPs who get the inside scoop. Among other things, those people will be listening to a whole new set of Christmas tracks that will not be released to the public. (It’s not too late to join … hint, hint.) Meanwhile, there are many albums and tracks on my music pages related to Christmas, Winter Solstice, and winter in general.

Virtual Things

Snow Spiral

Another interesting thing about 2020 is how much we’ve learned about virtual connections. Families have connected (some on a regular basis) via Zoom or FaceTime. Friends have resorted to various apps on their phones to add the sense of connection we get from seeing the person we’re talking or texting with.

But so much time with the virtual also amplifies how much we need the tangible and physical connections. My partner is very tuned into this because of her training and personality. Add to this that she’s a creative genius and you will see why I am so taken with her.

One of her recent inspirations is a spiral tracked in the snow in our backyard. To this, she added a heart at the center (well, of course) filled with the light from a candle. And so, that is the meditation I leave you with for the end of this strange year. May you find many blessings coming your way…

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