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Air Featured Waterfall

Air – an #improv #poem

Someone will say there is nothing
New here.
And that is fine.
Let them say it.
You can know your insides
Without having to argue a case
For them.

Air at the waterfallYou can trudge through snow
Like a determined deer
Or swim even when you
Need to rise to the surface for air.
You have shown how valiant and
Tenacious you are.

The present life may call for
Something much more subtle.
The incoming may be just as important
As your output.

Watch and listen:
Snow will not smother
And sea will not drown,
So drop down into that space
You’ve found and let it be.

This is the marathon.
Not a race.
Just go the distance.
You are strong
And some will cheer you on.

~ spontaneously composed by Stan Stewart
~ Copyright © 2013, 2018 by Stan Stewart and muz4now, inc. All rights reserved.