stan stewart tweets

What does 100,000 tweets mean, anyway?

Part of the beauty of Twitter is the brevity. But there are some things you can’t say in 140 characters. […]

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Old Hymns For A New Age – #piano #improv re-release

Sometime in the Summer of 1991, John Bennison encouraged me to create a set of recordings of piano improvisations. We talked about […]

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Playful Kingfisher Summer – a #poem

Sprillitz! Avoiding Summer heat in the Shade of the shoreline trees, Kingfisher swoops to seemingly KrAsH headlong into the water’s […]

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Mountaintop Experience

Poem: Mountaintop Experience

I have a friend who Perpetually Pursues the Precipice That he blissfully calls Mountaintop experiences. (“Mountaintop experiences” Are what I […]

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Present Moment - Rock And Roll

reflections on improv and life

I’m grateful for friends who share deeply with me. This brief reflection was inspired by the struggle of a dear […]

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Don't fret. Enjoy the gig.

radical renewal

“We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses.” ~ Carl Jung

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Steve Varner on jazz bass

jazz poem 1

I will not tap my feet. Though the rhythms and melodies you play Conger up kicking off shoes and Dancing […]

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Drink In

Poem 0162: belief

I saw a man standing — glassy-eyed And upward looking — at the side of the path. There were a […]

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Snowy Limbs

#Poem – Spring Snow

Spring arrived on schedule: March 20-something At such-and-such a time. In my head and my heart it’s still Winter, For […]

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piano improv

easy focus

video movement meditation…

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