Thin Heart

#Poem – “Private”

PDA is not the way U want me to display my love 4 U I on the other hand would […]

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Rainbox Up

#Poem – “Up”

Morning smell of sleep lingers in the air And in my memory as well. It is the silent reminder of […]

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Feel Music

#Poem – “Taste”

Starting with a little chill I begin to notice the change Of heart. With only one wish, we got nowhere. […]

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#Poem – “Waking”

When I wake, there is one thing I long for in the darkness. The bitter taste of night makes my […]

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Thin Heart

#Poem – “Wondering”

There’s no need to wonder if you’re pondering your life. Every day you’re right out there with it: You delve […]

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#Poem – “kayaking”

Cool streams of water Fold our way in Unknown directions; Caressing edges And turning attention To who knows where. Adrift, […]

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#Poem – “Eyes”

You open your eyes and mine are bathed in light. ~ by Stan Stewart Copyright © 2010 by muz4now, Inc. […]

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Heartspace 7


My Monday Morning a whitecapped wave of perfectionism knocks my mojo off its board temporarily, I’m sure drawn in to […]

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Rain (bow)

Circle of Inspiration

I am inspired.

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piano improv

Practice art

For today, I drew the card for Practice with the great story about the goddess who “knows what is best for you … She knows that to change your life, you just need to change your practice.” I don’t know about you, but I need to be reminded about the stuff I already know.

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