Purple Heart

#Poem – dizzy

Obviously, bipeds are typically
Upright. Or so I thought.

I am stooped over; practically
Singularly huddled at my desk.
You would think that I am my
Own mass of selves, frightened
By the weight of oppression,
Looking for a way to hide from
The fearsome oppressor —
However real or imagined.

You’re asking what I’m doing
And I’m saying that my intention
Is to finish everything before
The day is over.

I look at my task list and
That to do all of this by
Would make me collapse
With exhaustion.

I circle three lines in red,
Complete them in
Rapid-fire succession,
And disappear —
Upright indeed — into the
Snowy Winter wonderland.

~ by Stan Stewart
Copyright © 2011, 2016 by muz4now, inc. All Rights Reserved.