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Yule Tree - Sarcastic Side

Sarcastic Side – #improv #poem

My sarcastic sideYule Tree - Sarcastic Side
Has been in full effect
Leading up to

I want to be serious,
But there’s a mild
That keeps eking up
Through my soul
And into my mouth.

I can sometimes
Keep my tongue from
Pronouncing the words
In an audible fashion.

But occasionally
They come out.

And (obviously)
When they do,
I have to keep my
Brain in gear to find
A just-as-quick
Way to buffer or
Retract them.

Oh, to be spending this
Valuable time toasting
Chestnuts or
Hunting for Jack Frost
Deep in the woodlands.

You see?
There goes that
Sarcastic side

~ spontaneously created by Stan Stewart
~ copyright © 2015 by muz4now, inc. and Stan Stewart. All Rights Reserved.
Also my response to a #quest2016 prompt by John Jantsch: “What can you stop doing in 2016 such that it would allow you to focus on higher payoff activities?”
And yes, those are references to “The Christmas Song”, so here’s a lovely rendition of it.

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