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Offensive Transformation

Offensive – a #poem

In the third prompt for Tracking Wonder’s #Quest2015, Michael Bungay-Stanier asks “Who are you willing to disappoint or offend or upset or abandon… for the sake of the Great Work that’s calling you for your best 2015?” Within 24-hours of receiving this prompt, I also ran across this quote:

“Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.” ~ Gustave Flaubert

The muse works it’s own magic. Here is the poem that came from my musings on these great thoughts.

Offensive TransformationGood morning,
Dr. Eff.
I know you were expecting someone else.
You get me.

I’ve been asked to
and then,

And that’s just offensive.

Don’t worry.
I know that I can do them
all by abandoning you.

I know just enough about abandonment.
True or not: my former, emotional self
says that I’ve been abandoned.

It starts simply enough.
“I am enough. I can do everything I can do.”
And I am human;
An offspring of doubt and fear.
Doubt asks “What if I can’t do everything I can do?”
Fear asks “Am I really enough?”

Transformation occurs.

“I am not enough. I am unsure of my capabilities.
Maybe I should look for help from you.”

And that’s just offensive.

Yet, my transformed self cannot see it.
I create the lie. I believe the lie.
I live the lie.

And when you disappear
(not really, but you get my drift),
I am alone and decimated.

TransformThat is the old world, Dr. Eff.
I can no longer live in that world.
My enough and my surety are just that.
You nor anyone else can demolish
those internal truths without
my acceptance and compliance.

Ah, good.
Glad to hear you are part of that world, too,
Dr. Eff.

In that case, neither of us can
and then,
the other.

It seems that we are on a very
different quest for transformation.

Let’s meet again, soon.

Good day to you, then, Dr. Eff.