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Joy Doodle

doodle for joy

Sunni Brown offered us this prompt in #Quest2015: How could you make moments of joy a sacred priority in 2015? What forms will such moments take? Doodle your way into these questions and share your doodles.

As part of this quest into the new calendar year, we’ve come through some other joys in looking for what makes our hearts leap and some have probably found joy, fun, bliss, messiness, and happiness while exploring other prompts in this series. But until this week, I can’t remember the last time I doodled. I guess I put little scratches with my pen in the margins occasionally when I’m writing poetry or notes for a song. So I’ll start to count that as doodling, too, now that I’ve discovered how fun it is!

Until last year, many of my friends heard me say that I wanted to “reclaim my joy.” What I eventually learned is that joy is available to me more frequently than I had thought. The only way to experience it, though, is to be attentive to it.

Since I started paying attention to my own joy, I have a lot more of it. Sounds weird to write it. And — at least for me — it’s true. So true that I recommend you try it.

Notice Joy Doodle


It’s this attentiveness or noticing that makes things sacred in life. Things or experiences that I only wish for — the way I wished for “my joy” — have not reached sacredness. Each time that I do stay present in the moment, I do sense the sacral nature of now. From now on, even if I am doodling in the margins of a poetry book or journal, I’ll take that as a reminder of the sacredness of right now. Thanks, Sunni!

Joy Doodle

Playful blessings,

6 thoughts on “doodle for joy”

  1. Your doodles delight me, Stan. I have actually set aside some specific doodle time this morning… the last few days have bee sacred (busy!) joy. Nah. I’m not even convincing myself with that assertion!

    Your bottom doodle, “oh yeah, Go well!” looks like a better version of what I started to create yesterday. I really wanted to make a car because I find incredible sacred joy journeying with others in cars… and intend to play more on sacred journeys in 2015. Intention, love, play, giddy laughter. All good, all holy, all wondrous….

    Thank you for the inspiration this morning!

    1. Haha! Glad they delight you (too) Julie! They are so much fun. And there’s no such thing as “better” or “worse” with them. It’s all good.

      So glad to connect with you on the blog as well as in the quest community!

  2. im lovin these latest ponderings, thank you for sharing these resolution-insight-explorations, this is powerful stuff stan, vive le doodle

    1. Really appreciate you checking them out, Darius! And that’s a great hyphenated word. Mind if I abbreviate it as RIE? 🙂
      Blessings to you and your family for the holiday season.

  3. Good morning!!!! Glad we made contact, am looking at your site and love the part of joy!!! Even tho I have such joy each day, hasn’t always been, I finally found the real joy I was searching for,I found in the bible where it says the joy of the Lord is my strength and what joy it is. I am 81 and have always loved to doodle, and send messages back and forth to my 4 grand children and 6 great grand children, so you have given me a great idea how to connect!!!God is good He always sends the right people in my life, thank you, thank you !!! Also I see you are into piano and music, that has been a great part of my life also, there is a great joy for me in that. Have a great day and God bless you,and may your joy be full. Bernie Lambert.

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