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Waiting for the Post

waiting for the post and a request for input

Read the Post and More On the Way

I know that it looks like my blog has gone idle. And it’s true. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been creating posts. There are several guest posts still to come and I’ll keep you up to date on those. I’m really appreciating the connections I have around the web for musician resources, creative juices and all-around friendship. While you’re waiting for those other notices, right now, you should go read my post on “Networking for Gigs” over at the awesome Sessionville site. If you’re a musician and have not yet connected with this site, you need to check it out.

Waiting for the Post
Waiting for the Post. Read the Post. (get it?)

New Reviews Coming…

There will also be another series of reviews here soon. (Thanks to the great friends who have encouraged me to do this.) If you’d like to provide your input, I’m looking for tools/apps that track fans and gigs. That’s right. You can try to choose one or the other, but then, I want to know how you integrate them. This is a booming area in terms of apps and little players are vying for it along with the big players. What’s your favorite and why? Put your input into the comments here (bottom of this page) or send them to me on Twitter.

As we all know, keeping our email list of fans is crucial to being an indie artist. That is how we can stay connected to the people who want to hear us at the next gig. And therefore, we need to be able to provide a way for them to easily connect to our next public gig.

This has been one of the tricky parts of this puzzle for me. So many of my recent gigs have been private events (weddings, private parties, members-only clubs, etc.), so having that helpful list of public events is crucial to me and the question I get asked more often than anything else by my fans: “When can I come hear you play?”

So, that’s the tools I’m looking to review in the near future. The number and depth of reviews will depend on your input and interest in this. I’ll be doing my research in the meantime either way, so I’ll definitely let you know what I think. And my best input will be from your experience with the tools.

Big Thanks!

Massive thanks to all of you who have asked where I’ve been for the last month of no posts. And I’m deeply grateful to all of you who follow this blog and provide dialogue around each post you read. Thanks so much!

Playful blessings,