Winter Tree for Another Thing

Poem: another thing

There is one thing
And another.

Winter Tree for Another ThingGrey twigs stand upright
At ends of limbs.
They decorate the also-grey sky
As a foreground reminder:

No leaves grace these
Woodland tendrils.
It is as if they are unclothed,
Vulnerable and exposed
To Winter's cold.

What inner warmth
Do they rely on to carry
Them through the snow?
(Have they studied with the
Right gurus? Climbed the right
Mountain? Eaten the right foods?
Done the right workout?
Gone to their therapist or been
Advised by the best coach?
Pursued the latest self-help craze?
Well … no. Those are human traits
That I cannot place on my deciduous neighbors.)

In a sudden enlightenment,
The sun bursts forth from clouds
And brightens the grey sky to
Blue. The grey bark and twigs
Are still grey.

Yet they now seem tinged with gold.

~ by Stan Stewart
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