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Bold Heart

#Poem – co-mingled

There’s a late, Spring snow falling outside.
People are dealing with nuclear fallout
In Japan.
It seems strange how the events of
The world and on my back deck
Both affect me.

The impact of each is profoundly
Different. For I still know that it is
Spring even with the snow falling.
I celebrate the change of season
In spite of the seeming evidence
To the contrary.

Nuclear fallout brings a different
Kind of doubt.
How far?
How much?
Am I afraid for more than just me?
Who will be affected?
Will there be suffering?
Is the suffering of one in Japan
Shared by the whole human race?
Haven’t the Japanese people suffered enough
From atomic fallout?
Am I feeling a bit of nationalistic guilt?
I am feeling a lot of compassion, concern,
Love, hope, wishing-for-the-best.
I am holding these out in faith.

The light has not seeped into the
Natural world — at least,
Not in my part of the world — this morning,
Yet I pray that
Light is
Seeping, slapping,
Splashing, crashing, cascading,
Into the hearts of
People all over the world.

~ by Stan Stewart
Copyright © 2011 by muz4now, inc. All Rights Reserved.
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