#Poem – chimes

The local church chimes ring out nine PM.
It’s as if they are ushering in an ending,
Though I usually don’t go to bed until eleven.

For reasons known and unknown to me,
Today has filled me to the brim. I can
Take no more so far as I can tell.

I am happy. I am sad. I am worn out.
I guess it’s a “good” worn out and so
I celebrate with dram of single malt.

Perhaps I should wish something for
Tomorrow. Perhaps I should plan for
Monday and the influx of tasks that

I anticipate. More yet, perhaps it is
Enough to simply say that for this
Moment, I am tired. “Good” tired.

I’ve expended what could be expended
For today. Tomorrow will care for
Itself, tomorrow. I cannot make it

Arrive more quickly or more slowly
By planning or wishful thinking or
Making up stories in my head about

How it will be. No. The chimes are
My sentinel of time. Ringing in the
Truth that I am done for today.

~ by Stan Stewart
Copyright © 2011 by muz4now, inc. All Rights Reserved.

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