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#Poem – cusp

Allow me to explain:
Living is ordinary and
Extraordinary at the same time.
Neither of these judgments
About living are reason for fear or
Dread or crushing push.

The ordinary may be common-place,
But it is not to be taken for granted.
It is only considered by me (or by you)
To be ordinary, because it is habit
And mundanity,

Not because the impetus behind it
Failed to meet criteria of creativity,
Imagination or deep concern.

Yes. Something as typical as folding
A sock and setting it with its mate
Is extraordinary in its blissful care
For the threads contained and the
Flesh-and-bone foot that will —
Any moment now — reside
Within its comforting confines.

~ by Stan Stewart

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1 thought on “#Poem – cusp”

  1. “Living is ordinary and extraordinary at the same time.” I believe this wholeheartedly.

    We often miss out on so much enjoyment in life, rushing through those “ordinary” things to get them done, instead of engaging in them with our whole being and realizing the joy and beauty that can be found in those day-in, day-out tasks.

    I love the message here, and I love how you conveyed this message in your wonderful and moving choice of words. This poem will be in my next “top 10,” for sure. 😉

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