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#Poem – faces

It’s fabulous how everyone has their own sort of face.
No two are the same. Even the mischievous twins
That I hung out with childhood were easily told apart
Once I knew them.

And on each face, there is such a myriad of different
Or “faces” as we so often call them.
Grimace, grief, joy, jubilation, anticipation, and
All the other feelings and sensings that humans
Go through seem to show up there.

We hold these faces in common even though we
Are so unique, each one.
What happens on our insides,
We share in our facial
Storytelling, however unintentional.

All the while, we wish for the one thing
On the face of another that would tell us
The real, ongoing truth about ourselves:
We long for a smile.

~ by Stan Stewart
© 2010, 2015 by muz4now, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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