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#Poem – wishes

A pod at the end of the Winter-brittle twig Jostles in the morning Wind. Fragile and stalwart, It’s duty done, It hangs in seeming Repose and awaits The next moment of Transformation. It’s first change was Glorious: The day that its Silky sack Burst with the inner Seed. All decorated with fluff, They went their

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#Poem – gifts

Lights around a tree And a shiny ball Have been hung There by you to Celebrate giving. My sense of celebration Is on the wane this time Around. External changes have Affected me and I am Longing for abundance While experiencing Scarcity. When I stretch to the End of my being, I see that there

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Winter Path (Just Quit)

#Poem – cold

Maybe it was Winter’s start Or the setting on the thermostat. I can’t imagine that it was me. I had only the warmth of my heart To give to you. Yet somehow, in the rush and Bustle of my artist, techie, Introvert/extrovert, self-marketing, Trying-to-find-time-for-friends Life, I looked to you as if I was being cold.

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DreamCatcher "Blink"

#Poem – blink

I look out the window Into “our woods” And notice the awe With which I hold This time and place. It was not always so. Which allows now To hold even more Gratitude for me. The giant dreamcatcher Hovers between Two trees and Invites me into Further dreaming. For I have been dreaming All along.

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