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Thin Heart

#Poem – without a doubt

I rarely edit my poetry. I don’t remember why I got into this practice. It probably has to do with my love of improvisation. Life is like that. We have to make it up as we go. Otherwise, it could seem to be too twisty. I like predictability and I like surprise. Well, I’m not …

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Leaf / Leaves

#Poem – waiting

Has it been hours or days? I really can’t remember. The soft touch of your cheek Against mine seems still-present And long ago — Simultaneously. So I wait in longing, Expectant anticipation. Cannot believe this is What I live for And, then again, believe it with All my heart. Fatigue will not win out. Though …

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#Poem – dream

I spoke of the dream And it inspired you To inspire me. We woke in the Lush warmth of each other And began to make the dream Our reality. ~ by Stan Stewart Copyright © 2010 by muz4now, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 24/1,000

#Poem – spare

Words have different meanings To different people And in different lands. When I woke up this morning (Later than usual), I was not ready to start. I was more ready to end Or at least return to my slumber. You can’t think for a second that I was being purely lazy. That was not it …

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Don't fret. Enjoy the gig.

#Poem – trust

When friends trust me with their darkest secrets, I’m always amazed. It’s as if a whole world is opened to me That never existed before. Tremendous and minute, these worlds Are as precious as if they Were mine. I hold them so and do not Discuss them in poetry. ~ by Stan Stewart Copyright © …

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#Poem – Daylight

(I don’t count on it Though it’s always true:) In the dim light of Early morning, You grace my world Again. Though the radiance Outside is not yet full, My insides are illuminated By a dazzling Daylight. ~ by Stan Stewart Copyright © 2010, 2016 by muz4now, Inc. All Rights Reserved.