Music Rocks

#2FollowTuesday volume 30 (music rocks)

Music Rocks Whatever else is true in our world, music is now and always a potential force for good. In […]

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love is on repeat

Love Is On Repeat – 6th singer-songwriter release

Repeat My sixth singer-songwriter release is “Love Is On Repeat”. After several delays, I’m really happy to be offering this […]

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Improv Thumbs UP

#2FollowTuesday volume 14 (improv)

Improv I haven’t really said too much about improvisation in this #2FollowTuesday series. But, if you’ve been connected with me […]

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The Deep

The Deep – an #improv #poem

Covering the deep, Watery abyss Is a haunting, Menacing rock. It stays cold until The hottest days Of Summer. So […]

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catch the wave

Well – an #improv #poem

Well is a hole You dig to get water. Well is healthy (Especially after illness). Well is what happens To […]

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Clouds Daydream

Daydream – on singing my song

I daydream. A few of my daydreams are attempts to escape what’s right in front of me. Most of them […]

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Autumn Sunrise

Visions Of Autumn

Color Music is a way of creating color in sound waves. Where I live, it is Autumn. That means that color […]

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Imagination makes it easier to love

Imagination: The Art Of Brevity

This will be a very short post. It may not be the same for everyone, but sometimes words get in the […]

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Photo by Patrick Ross of Savannah

A review of “Committed” by Patrick Ross @PatrickRwrites

Committed: A Memoir Of The Artist’s Road is a recently published book by Patrick Ross. He was good enough to […]

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Winter scene: serenity and passion

Serenity’s Fire (video)

Can the serene and impassioned combine? Click To Tweet Sometimes creativity presses two unlikely bedfellows together. For example, would you […]

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