Open Heart

#Poem: satisfied blessing

Organized and haphazard lists strewn everywhere in my mind
Overlap each other in vital fury.
Crescent moons of conflicting anticipations fan out before me:
They each vie for my attention

And none of them win out. For right now is not when I fulfill to-do
Lists. It is a time for repose
Coupled with quiet interactions. So wonderful to have these hours
Of “not getting anything done.”

So much of the week is mental whiplash. That is why this time
Is essential. After all, we are
Human, flesh, bone, sinew, motion, stillness, capability, limitation,
Awestruck wonder, and

Longing. Giving in to this restful — yet enlivened — gift allows
Tomorrow and tomorrow
To be filled with expectations. These are the expectation-less
And essential moments.

~ by Stan Stewart
Copyright © 2011 by muz4now, inc. All Rights Reserved.