#Poem – poet

I rarely lay awake at night
And wonder why I’m not sleeping.
When I do, I think it’s because
I am a poet.

It’s a sort of “poetic justice”
For the many nights that I
Sleep so well.

In the daylight,
I don’t ponder much other than
My own heart and soul
And the ways that I reach out
To be intimate with both
You and myself.

I don’t wonder too much about
What other people do and think
Except when I wonder
If I can create the wonder
That I’m longing to embrace
Since it’s been revealed.

So, for reasons strange
And expected,
I am sleepless tonight.
I ponder and wonder
And wonder and long.

Eyelids heavy now,
I open my heart
And reveal the wonder
That reaches out
To you yet again.

Yet nothing is revealed
And there’s no one
To reach out to
Except to myself.
For you — blessedly —


~ by Stan Stewart

Copyright © 2010 by Music for the Moment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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