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Get Real

#Poem – get real

I get it now:
In every human life
There comes a time
To come to grips with

Did I imagine thatGet Real
I could hold on to
Self-pity any longer?
It is not a foundation
For anything.

So, in spite of my
Grieving the fear
That I thought
Could hold me up,
I now must
Face the music.

And I do not take it
I have given in to
Covering, addictive,
Isolating, medicating
To quell the fear.
And they have done

Did I imagine that
My fear could be
Pushed away
So easily?
Perhaps I did.
And perhaps
I was wrong.

So here I stand.
There is no
Dramatic crossroads
To make the shift
I must take.
It is all internal.
And I choose to make the change.
However strange or challenging
It may be,
My next voyage —
My NOW voyage —
Is all about the transformation
That I have avoided

And now begun.

~ by Stan Stewart
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