Rain (bow)

#Poem – chimes

Heavy winds have brought
Winter’s cold to us in recent days.
The chill hurtles through the trees
And then through the trestles on our porch.
It can pierce any cloth
Or flesh blockade
And so I feel it in my
Skin and bones
As I venture outside.

Whenever I walk in this chill,
I long for the warmth of the fire;
However modern that fire may be.

I wonder what it would be like
To trust the furnace of my own body
So completely that I could face
The chilling draft
Would it be a way of seeing myself
As whole or would it just
Be a fool’s errand, ending in tragedy?

Inside, I can hear the sounds of the chimes
In our garden.
They shrill out the sounds
Of belltone timbres, unrhythmically unraveling,
A kind of mid-winter meditation.
In spite of the frozen wind that these sounds
Reveal, I am enticed.
I know that when I go outside, facing the cold wind
And it’s chilling challenge,
I will become part of the chorus of chimes
And of the song they sing.

And so I go.

~ by Stan Stewart

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