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Buoyancy - pick up my guitar

#Poem – buoyancy

It starts easy enough.
We are born.
Perhaps we are born again
While we — and those we love —
Still live.

And then we learn that
Surviving is not the sole purpose
For being here.
Being alive is not so much the point.
What we long for is the life
That can be in the living.

If I am happy or satisfied
Or content
Or peaceful
Or enlivened
Or whatever it is that IBuoyancy - pick up my guitar
Think I’m supposed to be
In this particular moment,
Then, I believe there is life
In my living.

Today, the sky is blue.
I know that yesterday
(And possibly tomorrow again)
It was gray-filled-with-clouds.

Why should the color of the sky
Feed my discontent?
Today, it does not.
I pray that tomorrow or the next
Day — even in the grayness —
It may still not color my world.

So I grant the beautiful blueness
My blessing and pick up my guitar
To play.

~ by Stan Stewart

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