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#Poem – Just Maybe

I know you want an answer
And you want it now.
Well, I’m just not ready.
Or if I must be ready,
Then I can only offer a
“Just maybe.”

Yesterday, I had a plan and
There were times when I thought
It was working.

Today, while having whatOur Porch (Just Maybe)
I first took to be regular
Conversation, I could see
My plans coming to ruins.
In my embarrassment as a
Planner, I could only attest
Quietly and loudly to my
Vane attempts to reach my goal.

Given that I had nothing
To show for all my efforts
(Unless I counted this
Conversation as fruit of
My labors — and that
Would never do),
I took to the new plan the
Hard way.

Which leads me back to the
Original question and my
Original answer:

Why couldn’t I have left it
At “Just maybe”
And begun the new plan

And the new answer is as
Obvious as the sunrise
In morning.
The new goal
Or the new way of
Reaching the goal
Is not better all by itself.
It is the manner of
Starting and way of approach
That are new.

Alone is just a journey
And probably to an unknown
In isolation, I had nothing
But the goal in mind.
I had no real reason for setting
The goal and no value
Placed on any of it.

Setting out on this path
With two is better
Than making the journey

Sojourning together and realizing
That the journey is the result
Is a pilgrimage.
Each sojourner is transformed.

~ by Stan Stewart
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