Laugh, breathe, love - no comparison

#Poem – No Comparison

You do things your way
and I do things mine.
Not by design.
This is just the way it is.

It’s not simple, but not really complex.
Maybe it will remain a paradox for all time.
You get your work done just as I do.
Yet the ways we get there bear
No comparison at all.

It’s as if we come from different worlds —
And in many ways we do.

At times I’ve let our differences stand
In the way. In fact, we each have had
Moments of doubt when the approach
Of the other person seemed too foreign
To grasp.
And so time, patience, love, compassion,
Consideration and sometimes even
Have been our teachers and our

Now, where we are today,
It continues to be surprising,
The ways
We come together:
Shocking and inspiring at the same time
That our different ways do not
Stand in the way of our being
And working
And playing

~ by Stan Stewart
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