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Birthday cake

birthday wishes for any time of the year

Birthday cakeI just improvised a birthday song for a friend. It was so much fun that I thought I’d share it with you all. My “birthday” and any day gift to you. Enjoy!

(improvised lyrics to the tune of Skylark)
Birthdays are like any other day, these days.
And they come and go with ease and grace:
I watch them flow into the moon
While it brings brightness to your face.
May you have a birthday like none e’er before
May your time on earth be blessed and more:
May you have ev’rything you dream.
And on your birthday true,
may you be filled with inspiration’s kiss,
let this year be the
one that takes you to the sky!
It will lift you high.
Strange as it sounds it’s gonna make you fly, so
(back to verse)
Ride on, to a year that beats this birthday song;
To a path that opens up ahead
Like you’d been there all along —
With your heart so strong!
(final major seventh chord)

Bless you…

(copyright © 2010 by muz4now, inc., all rights reserved or reversed depending on my mood, etc., blah blah blah)