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I'm an indie musician who advocates for independent music across the globe. Besides making music (classical, pop, improv) myself, I enjoy finding music that's new to my ears from all the great, creative folk who write and play songs and other musical pieces. When not making music or listening to it (mostly live!), you'll probably find me out in nature.
Stan Stewart - Muz4now
Stan Stewart - Muz4nowMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 6:52am
The Law of Attraction _ What we think we become. Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen... yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.
Gladys Mati πŸ‘ exactly! I dont understand some people who expect money to be thrown at them because they feel like they deserved it. #nastypeople
Barb McLaughlin So very true!
Mian Ghani πŸ‘
Arjan Sirwani πŸ‘
Midhat Zehara Malahat Zaidi
Stan Stewart - Muz4now
Stan Stewart - Muz4nowSunday, April 23rd, 2017 at 8:17pm

6 Ways Listening To Music Improves Both Your Physical And Mental Health

Stan Stewart - Muz4now
Stan Stewart - Muz4nowSunday, April 23rd, 2017 at 12:27pm

Have a simply beautiful day.

Françoise Lescout
Eva Trinity Thank you, you too <3
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Robin Daugherty Good Tuesday Morning All!❣
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Judi Quinn Davidson Hope I get a shipment of Lady bugs for mothers day again this year!
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DrTom Thomas Love Ladybird Beetles!
Carrie Doubts I so love this! Sharing at Life's Next Chapter Coaching
Brenda Joyce McAleer Thank you you too my friend <3
Steve Ellis repeat as needed πŸ˜‰
Margarita Horianos May Divine Light Shine on you <3 NamastΓ© _/\_
Kelly Kearney Espenkotter Linda Torborg Stowell πŸ˜€
Regis V Cho Beautiful post.❀
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Stan Stewart - Muz4nowSunday, April 23rd, 2017 at 6:09am

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Stan Stewart - Muz4nowSaturday, April 22nd, 2017 at 8:21pm


Daniel Dunham People making jokes about something serious. Like hey, if all the bees die, humans are the next on the list
Rhonda Tennant Truly not a laughing matter. For those of you who care, plant those bee loving flowers, I am!🐝🌺
Anthony Geist Maybe if Monsanto stopped spraying their crap all over the place (specifically the kind that causes confusion in insects) we wouldn't have this sort of thing happening.
Ricky Chiu Because Optimus tried to kill him in the latest Transformers. Oh....spoiler alert.
Travis Newton Please plant more flowers this year! Cheerios will send you a pack of wildflowers for free! Even you can help little by little
Lindsay Soumiatin I've found a genuine passion for these incredible friends over the past five or six years so much that I'm taking beekeeper for beginners classes this Saturday in AR. Its a really cool feeling knowing I will BEE a contributing beekeeper who is ready and willing to help solve this serious problem we've had for over a decade. I would highly encourage those of you who are reading this to find a local association and get involved. If it's not to keep them yourself it is always a good idea to educate yourself on these little creatures. The role they play in not just our lives but in our eco-system, gardens, food supply and the list goes on. Whatever you could learn could very well someday plant a seed in someones mind who might be interested in becoming a supporter themselves. Spread the Love. The bees' and all the bee lovers would appreciate you greatly for this little act. OH! and I will officially this spring be a keeper of bees in my little community (Branson MO). Placing my order for two nucks this weekend, I could not BEEEEE any more excited. <3 Life Is Beautiful
Trae Sampson Ok let me set this straight. Yes a few species of bees are on the endangered species list. However that is not the end of the world. The planet has 1000's of pollinator speices. Just cause the bee is the most well known does not mean it is the only one. Now should we try to keep this species alive? Yes but if it does go extinct it is not the end of the world. Do not freak out. Crops and plants arnt gonna die just because one species of bees arnt pollinating them. Plenty of other species can take up the mantle. Learn some basic ecology before you freak out saying humans are going extinct next.
Hoyt Cowell The amount of people here that think bumblebees and honeybees are the same thing really make me facepalm a whole bunch. It's like comparing apples and oranges πŸ™„ LLaila Ann Ryland get a load of this
Stephanie Cultice Jimmy cacciatore not good at all. We need them to pollinate so we can survive. I'm actually scared of bees except for bumble bees. They are harmless for the most part.
Jason Glugla I'm surprised America still has an endangered species list. I'm sure republicans are working to destroy that too. Gotta have a way to hunt down that nice game right?
Brenda Horine And the bees/HUMANS are further doomed knowing the discompassionate and nonintellectual status of our current federal administration... πŸ™
Steven McDaniel Bye bye let's replace then with honey bees. Or Japanese wasp either ones fine with me but if we do the wasp I'd also suggest locus too.
Ada Wolffenshegil Bees pollinate some plants that no other animal will. Once the bees go so will coffee and a few other plants we use as food and beverages. #SaveTheBees
Gary Holland There's another reason why bees are dying. The wasp population is out of control. Wasps kill bees. Wasps bad. Don't even get me started on hornets...
Edward Mulvenna And to those of You who drive their riding lawn mowers at a high speed don't give those little guys a chance to get out of the way , SLOW DOWN.
MW Harris Good thing we are getting rid of that list soon... In all seriousness they (all bees since hive failure isn't going away) will probably drop to a number insufficient too sustain our current population. And once we are thinned out they'll make a recovery.
Miguel Ferrer Why are u scared of dead what's any good ahead of you will extinct at some point, but not all.yet what I'm saying is why are you scared of not existing its ok after that will be in paradise we've already caused mad destruction I think its time to let go ☺ we don't have nothing to gain
Robert James This is due to industrial farming to keep the population growing. And people say overpopulation isn't real. Birth control and gay people will save this world at this rate.
Mypocket Warmonster Tetsuo Takahashi "The problem is most people are willfully unaware of the world around them because thinking about anything outside of their bubble is complicated and depressing. The corporations and businesses nurture that because it's a perfect state to buy a product. Be it a political product or a material one the idea is the same. They don't need you to need to buy it like old commericals used to. Now they just need you to think it's what you need." " Say any lie enough times and the ignorant will believe it as truth"
Justine Burge That was honey bees. Don't think this is correct. Also to the chick who said about Cheerios, that is definitely about honey bees.
Sandril McCanny Just gonna say it. More than 20000 species of bees are on this earth. that's a lot of bees. Only about 7 speices out of 20000 are endangered or gone. Sooooo I don't think we have a problem right now with 20000 OTHER BEE SPECIES.
Trent Obeywan Oh how many times does the human race need to be reminded that you need the bumblebees to survive no bumblebees? No tree's, no oxygen, slow painful death awaiting afterwards. Let this be a reminder of whats to happen if the bumblebee goes extinct. Don't believe me? To bad handle the truth.
Gregory Aaron Cunningham Lol uberfakefacts should change your name.. the bees have not or will not end up on the list well they might for a few reasons but no bumble is on the list yet
Allie Rossi Lauck Interesting since bees have been known to cure many diseases/cancers,now their on the extinct list?Hm.
Tommy Lai Bees have been dying out for years and I thought to myself: Why is this happening? Is this due to human activities? Well, for it to be human activities it would have to be because somebody, somewhere is profiting from the death of natural bumble bees. Then I found the most horrific/interesting thing - the commercialization of bees. That's right, bees are now a commercialized business, not to make honey but to pollinate crops. We all know that bees need to pollinate most plants for them to be able to grow and bare fruit so one *theory* could be that these businesses are actually somehow killing the bees and keeping their own bees alive so that eventually it will be a monopoly for all farmers and the agriculture sectors, that if they want crops they'll need bees and if they need bees they'll have to pay for it.
Stan Stewart - Muz4now
Stan Stewart - Muz4nowSaturday, April 22nd, 2017 at 12:27pm

Earth Your Dancing Place

Beneath heaven's vault
remember always walking
through halls of cloud
down aisles of sunlight
or through high hedges
of the green rain
walk in the world
highheeled with swirl of cape

Stan Stewart - Muz4now
Stan Stewart - Muz4nowFriday, April 21st, 2017 at 6:51am

Everything you can imagine is real. ~ Pablo Picasso

Stan Stewart - Muz4now
Stan Stewart - Muz4nowThursday, April 20th, 2017 at 10:19am
Michele Capo-Clark
Sharon K Kerr
Diana MacLean Amen
Linda Cooney
Andrea Barker
Stan Stewart - Muz4now
Stan Stewart - Muz4nowWednesday, April 19th, 2017 at 6:27am

Change your life.

Think Positive words Sharing with <3
Motivational Quotes Journal Set to share with <3
Understanding Compassion Sharing with love <3
Living Life With Passion wonderful post (TY) love n sharing <3
Michael Mbathi The 3 C's of life .You have to make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE to CHANGE your life .
Inspire Positive Soul Sensations sharing with love <3
Sharon K. Brayfield, Professional Life Coach & Mentor sharing with gratitude (TY) Blessings <3
Live Purposefully Now Sharing <3
Connie Batarra Yes! True! Correct! Right!
World of Homoeopathy Birmingham UK Thank you s2
The Law Of Attraction Library Sharing <3
Christine M. Carver That's true
Guided Mind Sharing <3
White Ribbons of Peace set with <3
Rita Reynolds Amen
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Dee A. Villoso Correct
Leckraj Sumbhoolaul Get ready to change frn
John Kirksey Amen
Kingsley Iyamu Amen
Sharon Boakye AMEN
Mohamed Mohamed Not. For. Us....hopeless
Abdulla Abdulridha Epic πŸ‘Œ
Karim Mahmoud πŸ’™ :')).. 🎈
Stan Stewart - Muz4now
Stan Stewart - Muz4nowTuesday, April 18th, 2017 at 10:19am
Juan Garcia Quick, let's all book vacations there and pollute it!
Jamie Michael I wish our backyard view was like this huh Heather Boner but you can't pay attention because you're ordering pizza and ignoring
Steven McDaniel I've never seen the bulk cloud. Is it only with pictures because of the atmosphere or what's going on does it have to be nearly zero light pollution because I don't want to go somewhere and not see what is in that picture.
Rafael Lumauig Vim someday! Or nung pumunta kaming Grayland ata or Manzanita babe, ganito din! Kaso lakas ng hangin much hahaha!
Alex Taylor Why can you see the Milky Way from earth, but not form any space pictures????
Somesh Pranav I slept under such illuminated night sky almost every night during summers for almost two decades. Since there was huge power crisis in my state until a few years ago, so we had to sleep on roof during summers.
Jyes Anthony Eason I lived in a tiny town in Montana less then 150 people. I could walk out my front door and see the milky way!!! Pretty impressive!!!
Bryson Hunter Blake Jac'kson Brad Dickens Dylan Ridley Nergal Spatchcock It offers a view of the Milky Way You know Our galaxy That we're inside of Where our solar system resides
Dilan Weerapperuma Looks like Aogashima needs some freedom. - USA
Ivan Lan This is no longer true when you put it on internet you're spoiling those resident's life
Kruttika Dwivedi Aviral : Can we add this on the list as well ?? πŸ™„
Jamescarl Piedad Rachelle kaso mas tipid sa planetarium ng National Musuem libre pa sa opening!
Syl Via Yet another reason to go to Japan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅β€΄οΈπŸ” Alicia Veronica
Yasasvi Hemanth Kavitha Govindaseshan here is the location you've been searching for..πŸ˜‰
John Flaherty Gabriella Walinski let's go when we both aren't broke
Rob Roane You can see it on the outer banks with the naked eye. And get pictures like this.
Lou Medilo Go there, star gaze on the fields, gentle breeze and listening to this:
Ellyn Klug Jami!!!!!! another destination for our bucket list!!!!!
Kaitlyn Emily Bisschop Alex Slaney I know Japan isn't really on our list but this little gem should be!
Jordan O'Brien Gregory Wong and we thought the stars in the hamptons were crazy
Gannon Reid Haile Jaci! I don't care call me a hippy but I'd live here!
Farah Mahmood Ibrahim Ali just a few people and this view. Plus Japan. Your kind of place. =P
Cameron Russell Holly Stenquist pack your bags because we are going
Reg Lacey Dan Sandman, next time you have to try this place.. Sounds amazing
Rishantinee Selvam Tharsine Selvam ! Witnessing that in REAL would be a lifetime dream come trueeeeee <3
Stan Stewart - Muz4now
Stan Stewart - Muz4nowMonday, April 17th, 2017 at 6:51am

"Whatever inspiration is, it's born from a continuous 'I don't know.'" ~Wislawa Szymborska

Stan Stewart - Muz4now
Stan Stewart - Muz4nowSunday, April 16th, 2017 at 8:21pm
Shiv Kumar Misra I would like to witness the truthfulness of this statement and more to know of such clock and its way of measuring this aspect.
Brian Jones 7.2 seconds of that was penetration with the other second being puting on the condom
Mayra Hernandez && how many times do they fall inlove. A day even if they have a girl already lol
Abu Raiyan n less than 1 second to be fully erected totally defying the gravity pull
Christina Taleo Naika Toa hamas 8.2 seconds finis lo Facebook?πŸ˜‚
Eric Martinez Arcadia Melgar see!!!! so stop judging me everytime I fall in love
Engr Muhammad Iqbal Cheema Without blow job sex is nothing for both male and female <3
Karan Mehra 8.2 years to move on
Optimistic Mani Less than speed of Gravity i.e. G=9.8 m/sec ☺
James Duncan Probably the time for a man to get aroused..
Elizabeth Saucedo I didn't know men timed blow jobs
Jacque Gonzalez That's y their always in nd out of itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Ian Atkins Shiiiiiiiii, more like 5 if shes wearing perfume.
Muhammad Bilal In mine case cycle completes in less than 8.2 secπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lucas Richmond People so full of shit theese days...
Erin Lynn Bullshit lol
Lorin Richins Jaime Mishler that's how quick I fell in love with you!
Misty French Bullshit lol
Lisa Carender Bolin I didn't know men ever fell in love
Jean Kermond & 5 seconds to fall out
Yvonne Angel Waterbury I'm sure it varies
Jim Glod Danilo Comisso du topps dat nach haha
Jesse Deraiche Just the time to evaluate the body of the female lol
Andrea Cooper Fickle...don't get comfy ladies!!!!
Soumya Chakraborty And 15 days for women ♀
Stan Stewart - Muz4now
Stan Stewart - Muz4nowSunday, April 16th, 2017 at 12:27pm
Jeanette Jonk So true, and sometimes it's even family who's not there, which really hurts. I had to learn this the hard way..😞
Clara Meadows 3 years ago Chip had MRSA and thought he was a goner but prayers & the best doctors saved his life. Thank you Dr Crossland!!πŸ˜‡
Mary Tackett true / the people who really love you and care are there for you through thick and thin, bad or good, and do not judge you and talk about you behind your back but are there to love and be there for you
Tu Kryptonite Yea and I've always been here for you through the worst of the worst but we see how you treat people that really and truly love you unconditionally
Kelly Rose In the storm too with you babe. The sun will come out again eventually, it always does. β˜€οΈ Love you Maggie Beaumont 😘
Heather Olson I'd love you through a herd of tornadoes, Justin Duncan. ❀❀❀
Cat Yates Charmaine Robins this reminded me of the sign you gave me for my birthday 😘
Lindsay McDermot Phil Saunders I am so blessed to have u stick by my side through my storms
Ingrid Ellis So very very true. U know who your friends are when there is a storm. Funny how they then want to become yr friend again hen it is shining.
Geroldine Rossel-Pirner Ja so ist das leben Wahre Freunde sind die, die auch in schlimmen Zeiten zu dir stehen 😘
Valerie Gonzales Liliana Macias and Lizet B. Ramirez thank you for loving me at my worstπŸ’œ
Lori Lane And it's usually not the people you would expect who show up for you and the same applies for those who also don't. πŸ€”πŸ€”
Lori Fanning This is a lesson I have learned. Thank You for allowing me to see the truth...
Karen Battram Steedman Faye I've learnt this over the last couple of months xxx
Sult Mel Joe love you more than you can imagine xoxox 😘😘😘😘😘
Bob D'Angelo There are a lot of FAIR WEATHER friends who forget the good but remember the bad
Alyson Bell Sally Anne Purnell always here for you my beautiful friend xx
C Edward Witte This is a good reminder to share our love despite the different weather around us!
Tammie Liebich John Tuckwood I have a umbrella we can always share πŸ’œ I love you more
Regina Wull Unless it never stops raining. A little sunshine here and there is nice and important.
Michelle Lynn I know that's right ! I had to learn this one the hard way !
Ally Harris I love you Nicole Tennant.. 24 7.. thru good times and bad..always and forever xxx
Terry Benson Renee Bernal This is how someone should of alway's treated you. Like the sun was alway's shining on you. Even on those cloudy day's
Sally Wolf I love you whether its sunny or rainy, hot or cold, all year round.xxxxxxxx
Ty Johnson Mary Jo Johnson always loving my Aunty! Booyah!!!!!