Stan Stewart “Dream This” charity album


On this page, you’ll find information about the upcoming charity album, “Dream This”, including:

“Dream This” Dream Thisis planned for release in the Summer of 2017. The songs will be original singer-songwriter tracks by me, Stan Stewart. But the proceeds will go to the charity ChildHelp which is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse. During the pre-release period, my fans have already enabled me to donate over $250.00. Thank you!

This page will serve as all things Dream-This. I hope you’ll stop back often to keep up-to-date on the progress towards this labor of love.

Current Progress

One of the last two songs will include crowdsourced choirs on the refrains. Many, many thanks to all the folks around the world who have added your voice to the upcoming song “Opt-In”! Huge kudos to Trumansburg Community Chorus for providing one of the choral refrains. I could not have done this without you.

Hey, did you read that? “…last two songs…” Yippee!

The album proceeds will go to charity. However, it still costs money to make an album! In order to cover some of these costs, I’ve started a crowdfund. Please contribute if you can and thanks again!

There are only two more songs to record! I’m very excited to be in this home stretch.

The current release target is early to mid-July, 2017.

Meanwhile, here’s the ultra-cool cover art mockup for “Dream This” on a hoodie or T-shirt. Awesome threads!

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The Songs

Here is the first of my singer-songwriter tracks: “Yet”. Click here to learn more about this track, hear the other 2 versions, and view the video on the release blog page.

And here is the second release (click here to read its story): “Confession:Reflection”.

The third song asks us to look into each other’s heart (click through to read the story and view the video):

Song four is about vibrant, awake dreaming (rather than staying asleep) complete with video:

Song five is “Quake”. The new version (fresh arrangement, added lyrics and bridge) can be heard in studio and live versions. Be sure to check out the whole story.

“Love Is On Repeat” is the sixth song. There’s a pretty amazing story behind this one if I do say so myself. (You’ll also find a video with a guitar version of this song on that page.)

The seventh song is “Drink In”. The story behind this one is quirkier than usual. Click here to read it.

“Mountain Rose” is a song about beauty and love. Oh, big surprise. Please also check out the video for this song.

Please help protect children (all proceeds from this song go to charity). That’s the story behind “Snow Story”. There’s also a rundown of the technology used to create the rock/studio recording of this song and a post about the music video.

The Videos