The creative Cycle

Stan Stewart

Lined Circle

Here's a Cycle

of creative process

As experienced

by one musical artist

Get inspired

For me, inspiration usually comes in the form of nature and family. Whatever yours is, get some.

After some time getting this infusion, I'm ready to start the next project. My muse is refueled with inspiration and it's time to create.

Lined Circle

Flying Solo

Though each project is different, I usually start by improvising on piano, voice, and whatever other instruments are nearby.

and clear my head.

Usually, it works. If not...

If I'm still stuck, I turn to my "team": my spouse, my dog, local friends, social networks, and music forums are my "besties".

Back to the studio

With a new burst of intention, back to the recording studio I go. Let the creating begin (again)!

Partners include

Bandcamp and #Streaming radio

Project Complete

As a solopreneur, I'll be packaging and marketing for a bit.

Next comes the part I often forget. (How about you?) Now, it's time to rest and rejuvenate before the next project. This is really important.


Remember to be grateful for time, the creative spark, supporters, and beauty. What are you thankful for?