So, how about an open mic?

There’s always something new to try with music: how about hosting an open mic?

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Poem 7 – “Happily Ever After”

“Happily ever after”; That’s how I thought the story would go, Especially when I moved across the country And ransacked […]

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Kontakt with an example virtual instrument

Top Virtual Instruments for Songwriters and Composers

Two of my favorite virtual instruments for creating arrangements and recordings.

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What scares you? - spider on blanket

What Scares You? Fear and Courage

What scares you? Stan Stewart explores the realm of fear and the phobias that can potentially keep us from living our lives to the fullest.

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crossroads sunset

Crossroads – Giving Up To Get

Would You Sell Your Soul? What would you give up to get what you want? What price would someone have […]

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Where is life’s reset switch?

Reset: What started as an Instagram post becomes a treatise on sticking with the life we have — by Stan Stewart.

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Light Shadows

Light Shadows – a poem of grief and bliss

“Light Shadows” – a poem of grief and bliss by Stan Stewart. Take the voyage through shadows to find illumination.

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Clarity Dawns: Human Beings, Nature, and Becoming

Once natural clarity dawns, we must respond to the call. Besides being inspiring, nature is also a great teacher about much we need to learn.

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Blue 1

Blue Note from LAX-OGG

“Blue Note from LAX-OGG” is a poem written on a plane to the author’s (Stan Stewart) pre-wedding honeymoon.

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Grow & change

Grow – on becoming our best selves

“Grow” – on becoming our best selves – This started as an Instagram post and “grew” into this. From Stan Stewart on the muz4now blog.

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