Stan Stewart’s blog

Clarity Dawns: Human Beings, Nature, and Becoming

Often, when I am inspired by nature, I also see the clarity of life beyond human existence. While people (including ...
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Blue 1

Blue Note from LAX-OGG

The opening of clouds to Reveal blue sky Seems to me like a kind of invitation: A pool of cool ...
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Grow & change

Grow – on becoming our best selves

This started as an Instagram post and "grew" into this... Stagnation for myself or other people who I witness leaves ...
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Poem 5 - choice

Poem 5 – an #improv #poem

Each morning I choose: Yesterday's choice was The Blues. I ate blues for breakfast And lunch. No nutrition at all ...
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Bleeding Hearts Blog

Hearts – pondering opening, softening, and warmth

This started as a brief Instagram post and became this 650-word essay on hearts, opening, softening, hardening, and warmth... Too ...
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breath poem

Breath – an #improv #poem

The air I breathe used to be different. It used to be stagnant and filled with Forcing my way headlong ...
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Karma – an #improv #poem

Goodness is on its way.It's here. ~ spontaneously composed (improvised, unedited) by Stan Stewart~ Copyright © 2014, 2019 by Stan ...
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New Movement

New Movement – an #improv #poem

Pressing into life likeA warm mug on fresh-fallen snow,My present life is making a deepImpression on me.I am composing a ...
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Portland Proposal Poem

Portland poem – Filtered Light

Filtered light streams steadily Into the bedroom, Its soft beams A steady reminder: Illuminating the way Dreams are remembered, And ...
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SP150SMK microphone review

Sterling Audio SP150SMK microphone review

I had a studio nightmare. It happened many months ago, but often feels like it was yesterday. My 15-year favorite ...
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