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Purple Heart

#Poem – dizzy

Obviously, bipeds are typically Upright. Or so I thought. I am stooped over; practically Singularly huddled at my desk. You would think that I am my Own mass of selves, frightened By the weight of oppression, Looking for a way to hide from The fearsome oppressor — However real or imagined. You’re asking what I’m …

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Rain (bow)

#Poem – chimes

Heavy winds have brought Winter’s cold to us in recent days. The chill hurtles through the trees And then through the trestles on our porch. It can pierce any cloth Or flesh blockade And so I feel it in my Skin and bones As I venture outside. Whenever I walk in this chill, I long …

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DreamCatcher "Blink"

#Poem – blink

I look out the window Into “our woods” And notice the awe With which I hold This time and place. It was not always so. Which allows now To hold even more Gratitude for me. The giant dreamcatcher Hovers between Two trees and Invites me into Further dreaming. For I have been dreaming All along. …

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