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Terms of Use muz4now, inc.® WEBSITE TERMS OF USE 1. READ THIS: This Terms of Use Agreement (“Agreement” or “Terms of Use”) is made by and between muz4now™, inc., a Pennsylvania corporation, with mailing address of POB 645, Ithaca NY 14851 (“muz4now”) and you (“you,” “your” or “User”). This Agreement contains the terms and conditions

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About Stan Stewart

Stan Stewart, improviser and independent musician It takes a lot of preparation to be so spontaneous. Stan Stewart’s journey through life has led him to this point, but he will be the first to admit there were detours along the way. Stan was always making music – some of his earliest memories are of playing

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A blue electric guitar ready to plug into pedals by Red Morley Hewitt from unsplash

Best Guitar Pedals for Indie Rock Musicians

Indie rock musicians have long been known for their distinct and unconventional sounds, distinguishing themselves from their classic rock counterparts with their creative use of effects and tone. Pedals are a big contributor to that uniqueness, especially when it comes to guitars. The post “A Day in the Recording Studio of an Indie Musician” notes

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