Open Heart

#Poem: satisfied blessing

Organized and haphazard lists strewn everywhere in my mind Overlap each other in vital fury. Crescent moons of conflicting anticipations […]

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Boy On A Bicycle broken flowers (by Ryan McGuire)

#Poem – timid blessing

Shyly, he lifts the flowers out of the pouch And finds that they have been crushed by Their travels and […]

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Green Heart

#Poem – slim blessing

Windows color my view Of a world filled with color. To see them clearly, I must Clearly step outside. This […]

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Open and Sing

#Poem – open and sing

Open the curtains Of the soul And let the Sun of day Shine. The heart closed Is the heart frozen. […]

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HollyHock Sunset (Circle Singing)

circle singing and being open-hearted

Singing greases the wheel of desire that’s been waiting to roll out.

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String Quartet Library comparison

String Quartet Library Quick Comparison Video

Here’s a brief video comparing a quartet of solo violin, viola, cello, and string bass sounds in some orchestral libraries.

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String Library Comparison

Quick Orchestral String Library Comparison Video

In a quick comparison video, Stan Stewart compares 8 orchestra string libraries. Check out the results and add your responses.

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(Happy New) Year In Review

2019 in review – thanks for your support

Stan Stewart reviews the year and sends his big, annual “Thank You” card to supporters.

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Stan Stewart – the muse is present 

Listen to Stan Stewart‘s singer-songwriter and instrumental music. Book him for gigs and download his latest tracks. Thanks for listening! […]

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What’s up now? – Stan Stewart

Updated Stuff I’m doing right now includes: Offering you custom songs to give to someone you love: PresentSongs. Everyone who […]

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