Pondering Ocean Sunrise

pondering – a spontaneous #poem

Pondering The imponderable, I awaken from The dream (Which felt like Reality until That little gasp for Air pulled me […]

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An Improv Poem: stillness

I drew stillness From The Deck. Her avatar? A peace sign. Right now, I think my Avatar is A race […]

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Black swallowtail butterfly

A Poem: interdependence day

The butterfly effect. I step out of my door early in the morning And choose to let my foot drop […]

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just(is) breathe

#Poem – just(is)

It just is. I can’t explain it. It has meaning that’s not too particular. It just is. Without presumption, Without […]

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Rain (bow)

#Poem – chimes

Heavy winds have brought Winter’s cold to us in recent days. The chill hurtles through the trees And then through […]

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Buoyancy - pick up my guitar

#Poem – buoyancy

It starts easy enough. We are born. Perhaps we are born again While we — and those we love — […]

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#Poem – Precious

You are an extraordinary woman. I am confounded both by your depth of self and my sometimes-present incapacity to observe […]

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Laugh, breathe, love - no comparison

#Poem – No Comparison

You do things your way and I do things mine. Not by design. This is just the way it is. […]

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