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About Stan Stewart

Stan Stewart, improviser and independent musician It takes a lot of preparation to be so spontaneous. Stan Stewart’s journey through life has led him to this point, but he will be the first to admit there were detours along the way. Stan was always making music – some of his earliest memories are of playing …

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A composer sitting at his piano bench with music notation in hand

6 Ways Composers Can Make Money During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for composers, and even as we move into the recovery period, the live music industry is still finding its footing. If you’re a composer, your income might still be suffering from a lack of work opportunities. But by livestreaming performances, selling sample packs of your music, and …

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muz4now Terms Of Use

Terms of Use muz4now, inc.® WEBSITE TERMS OF USE 1. READ THIS: This Terms of Use Agreement (“Agreement” or “Terms of Use”) is made by and between muz4now™, inc., a Pennsylvania corporation, with mailing address of POB 645, Ithaca NY 14851 (“muz4now”) and you (“you,” “your” or “User”). This Agreement contains the terms and conditions …

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Piano Lessons

5 Ways to Make Your Piano Lessons Awesome

Today’s guest post on making piano lessons awesome is by Catherine Palmer. Cate is a psychologist, writer, music teacher, and a huge geek. Her fields of expertise could be summed up in psychology, productivity, and education-related topics, while her interests are wide and ever-evolving. While it’s true that getting used to a certain routine can be …

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