Heartspace 7

#Poem – stay at home dad

Talk about inspiration: Every time I see you Caring so graciously and Selflessly for your children, My heart wells up […]

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Heart Leaps

#Poem – magic

someone told me that there’s magic about the year 2012. i don’t know if i believe in magic, because i’m […]

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#Poem – gifts

Lights around a tree And a shiny ball Have been hung There by you to Celebrate giving. My sense of […]

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“She sees everyone who has shared their pain with her bathed in warmth and love.”

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I consider improvisation to be a highest form of art. Having heard the mantra “just improv” from other artists too many times, I’ve been continually more and more committed to improvised music (and dance and storytelling) over the past decade.

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piano improv

Practice art

For today, I drew the card for Practice with the great story about the goddess who “knows what is best for you … She knows that to change your life, you just need to change your practice.” I don’t know about you, but I need to be reminded about the stuff I already know.

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