Electric Jazz

jazz poem 3

  The electrified wind controller Makes unusual sounds. Nothing like the sax that came before. Loud! Amplified to ensure that […]

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Steve Varner on jazz bass

jazz poem 1

I will not tap my feet. Though the rhythms and melodies you play Conger up kicking off shoes and Dancing […]

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Scout Is

Scout (the Wonder PlayDog)

This is Scout. He’s a dog that we adopted several years ago. These days, he is aging alongside us. Which […]

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move your body into the dance

drumming up some Summertime fun

Among the musical instruments that I play, hand drums are probably my third best (after piano/keyboard and guitar). Yet, I […]

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jazz poem

#Poem – jazz

Jazz is this intellectual Sort of jive where I Have to think Or go completely numb. Either and neither Will […]

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