What’s up now? – Stan Stewart

Updated May 30, 2019 @ 11:52 pm

Stuff I’m doing right now includes:

    1. Seeking avenues to hope, peace, community, love, and kindness. Pondering how to connect my musical/improvisational arts with those avenues in our world that needs them so much. Click here to read my artist mission statement.
    2. Writing blog posts of poetry, the unsigned music business, digital recording, creative process, and more (currently averaging four or five per month).
    3. Networking to create live gigs. If you’re an interested venue, please visit my EPK and contact pages. Upcoming public gigs are just below this numbered list.
      I’m rehearsing to support St. Matthew’s Church in Moravia, New York (USA) in repairing their wonderful, but somewhat neglected pipe organ. Notably, I’ll be premiering two new pipe organ pieces along with a number of other repertoire works on St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) to raise funds for this maintenance and repair. Please support this effort if you are able!

    4. Naturally, I continue to promote my own music, mostly instrumental compositions and improvisations. But there’s also this: Dream This (my first singer-songwriter album) is literally my life story told in songs. Please stream/listen, enjoy and share! All artist proceeds from album sales go to ChildHelp.
    5. Until I recover from nerve damage in my arms, I am limiting my workouts to leg-based weightlifting and cardio. It’s a tough road and I can use your support!
    6. Looking for jam sessions. No, really!
    7. Updating my VIPs and newsletter subscribers, often with exclusive behind-the-scenes music, stories, and videos.

    8. Staying engaged on social media channels. I hope you’ll friend me on your favorites.
    9. Practicing composing, songwritingpiano, guitar, and singing.
    10. Producing, performing, and recording original/improvised music. Go to my music page to hear them.
    11. Providing social media services for a few music festival, artists, and artist organization clients. If you’d like to hire me, please contact me here.
    12. Caring for my wife, our relationship, our beautiful home, and myself. (Lack of self-care means none of these other things can happen well.)
    13. Working my day job.
    14. Any upcoming gigs will be listed here.

If you ask me to do something else, I may say “no” and show you this page.

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The idea for this page came from Derek Sivers.