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Interested in learning more about muz4now™? Need to spur your muse on? Looking for ways to be creative and in “the now”? You can use the contact form below for more information and bookings for gigs, playshops (or workshops if you prefer), performances, weddings, and more.

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One of the best ways you can connect with and support Stan Stewart is via his VIP program. This platform allows him to create musical art (videos, song and instrumental recordings) which you support for a variety of rewards with a monthly contribution. To learn more about the rewards of this approach, please click here.

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tweets on TwitterStan Stewart is @muz4now on Twitter

FacebookStan Stewart – muz4now on Facebook

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Stan's photos & mini-vids are on InstagramMulti-Color_Logo_thumbnail200

Pinterest_Badge_Redand Pinterest — be sure to click on the links

You can also find him places like Spotify and iTunes.


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If you are contacting me about a guest post, please use my contact form above. And note: if you do not use this contact form to request a guest spot, I will reject your email as spam. When I reply to you, I will specify how the submission needs to occur. Here are some of the things that will be required of you to get a guest post:
  • I do not accept submissions in Micro$oft Word format. It demolishes anything that could have become a web page in the worst way. Send it via text or raw HTML. If you send your submission in MS-Word, I will not publish it. It takes far too much time to unformat the garbage this application puts into the document.
  • You must include a photo/image that is at least 1024×768. This image must be yours to share or in the public domain. If you fail to include a photo that meets these requirements I will not publish your article. If you submit a copyrighted (not by you) photo, I will report you to the copyright holder and will not publish your post.