piano improv

please give for post-Sandy relief

Please give of your time or money (or both) to help the people affected by the storm known as Sandy. […]

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Old piano keys

interdeterminate – improv catharsis

Music can express all sorts of feelings. Improvised music can have a particular niche when it comes to these sorts […]

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Imperfect Bloom

Poem 0192: Secret (by Stan Stewart)

I’ve been telling myself That I have to. And I know it is not true. Have To Builds walls and […]

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Birthday morning with Scout on my knee

My idea of a great birthday

Sunday was my birthday. I could have chosen to make it special by doing something completely different from normal. So, […]

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Love Leaf

do what you love. the money will follow.

In the late 1980’s, I left my former profession and moved to California to “do music and nothing else”. Just […]

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Laugh, breathe, love - no comparison

music and the mind

People enjoy, appreciate, adore, and admonish music. Music creators (musicians) can tend to be a quirky breed. It turns out […]

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musicians and day jobs

Though she probably didn’t realize it at the time, a new blogging and tweeting friend of mine nudged me to write […]

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Stan Stewart is a pianist

just for now

As much as we humans may fight it, right now – the present moment – is the only moment we […]

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Gulf Sunset

“Lights” – a present moment poem

In Winter, Sunlight hangs vibrant Colors against Snow’s canvas. Momentarily, her artwork Takes up the whole sky And asks we […]

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