No Explanation Needed (a #poem)

When you cannot explain Beauty, change, or any of a million other things And you want to explain it away […]

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Heavy Eyes – a #poem

My jet lagged eyes are heavy with Not knowing If they should sleep Or wake. I hold them open to […]

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Yes: Blue Eye

Azure – a spontaneous #poem by Stan Stewart

I’m melting. Not in a liquid way though, For I am also Catching fire. Azure. Not an anticipated, Fiery color. […]

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Luminous Darkness

luminous darkness – a spontaneous #poem

A soft light hovers and sways As I approach the doorway. The voice I hear Is inviting enough. Yet my […]

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Leaf / Leaves

beds of leaves – a #poem

Leaves fall in Autumn and cover the ground in layers Or beds. The top layer is dry and brittle. Touching these may […]

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Green Heart

Yes – a spontaneous #poem by Stan Stewart

Yes. That is the answer my senses give to The question that has not been asked. No need to wait […]

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here – a spontaneous #poem

Under this soft exterior Lies an even softer heart. It seems to have weathered What sometimes seemed Like pummeling And […]

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Summer Sweat

A “present moment”, spontaneous #poem – sweat

Sweat pours down my forehead and drips, coolly, first to the pockets around my nose and then onto the desk […]

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molten: #poem 2 on fear

2 Moisture fills the void. This liquid seems more molten Than flowing, though. It does not cool the fear, But […]

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grief: #poem 1 on fear

1 Fear: You do not come gently to nudge my grief. No. You hover like a sinister monster waiting For […]

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