Another Entry: Rock Island Salesmen in The Music Man

another entry – an #improv #poem

Each entry Onto the stage Is another chance To step up To who I am Becoming. Neither Theatre Nor life Are […]

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Prayer for Us All

Prayer Suite #Pray4Nepal #Pray4Baltimore

When there are rumblings — literal and metaphorical — around the world, it’s easy to be affected by them. That’s […]

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Gorge Waterfall

Life is Gorgeous (Gorges) – Listen and Learn

Waiting for Life Like many people I know who often have creative ideas, I have been known to procrastinate. I’ve […]

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Winter Sunrise By Ryan McGuire

first light – an #improv #poem

Like drones rising up We are eager to catch first light. It’s Winter, so the catching Is not too difficult; […]

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Joy Doodle

doodle for joy

Sunni Brown offered us this prompt in #Quest2015: How could you make moments of joy a sacred priority in 2015? What […]

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Expand - Tree Silhouettes

expand – two #improv #poems

Expand, version 2 Breath Go ahead Breathe me what I need To inhale Exhale Listen Wind blows and trees creak […]

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stan stewart tweets

What does 100,000 tweets mean, anyway?

Part of the beauty of Twitter is the brevity. But there are some things you can’t say in 140 characters. […]

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Looking Sideways

Looking Sideways – an improv #poem

Alone in the bustling airport — And yes, you know it’s some sort of Oxymoron to call it alone — […]

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Wind and Sea – a spontaneous #poem – Maui series

Billowing like a sail or a kite Fighting to gain a hold on the wind, My heart opens to the […]

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Maui Juicy Sunset

Juicy – a spontaneous #poem – Maui series

Flow into your life With whatever subtlety or Bravado you want. Either way, you will be Accepted in these Receptive […]

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