Filtered Sunlight

Filtered Sunlight – an #improv #poem

I ride the path in the early morning. No humans intersect my meanderings. Gnats, mosquitoes, and those venomous white flies Bite […]

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Split-Personality Spring

Split-Personality Spring #photo series

It’s raining here in Ithaca. This was the weekend for a video shoot, but that’s not going to happen in […]

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No Dress Rehearsal – an #improv #micropoem

Life is not a drill. I don’t get to rehearse Until one day It’s suddenly The performance. Even when I […]

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Suspended Snow

Suspended – an #improv #poem

Suspended in this Digression from The season that has Supposedly arrived, I hang between snow And sun. Drawn to each […]

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Intermingled Seasons

Intermingled Seasons – an #improv #poem

Leftover leaves Crunch softly underfoot As I wander to the creekside. There The sunshine warms my face, Amplifying what fleece […]

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Today – an #improv #micropoem

What if Today is all There is. Today is all There is. There is Today. What if There is Today. […]

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The sun has influence on the earth

Influence (or How The Death of a Celebrity Can Inspire)

Influence and Inspiration Is it strange to discover that something or someone has been an influence on me and I […]

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Yule Tree - Sarcastic Side

Sarcastic Side – #improv #poem

My sarcastic side Has been in full effect Leading up to Yuletide. I want to be serious, But there’s a […]

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Sky, clouds, trees, and tears

Tears – #improv #poem

Tears So close to the edge They nestle against Nothing And the fabric of something that wants to work its […]

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Loma Prieta Quake

Quake – a song of breaking and bringing together

There is a new version of this song! I hope you’ll also give it a listen and read the rest […]

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