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Because social networking has been a great way to connect with friends and fans, Stan Stewart sometimes writes about what he’s learned there. These networks can be fun and sometimes tricky. They are enticing with occasional pitfalls. Be ready for both by reading what’s here.

PresentSongs custom songs

#2FollowTuesday volume 8

Please check out my other #2FollowTuesday recommendations while you’re here. I’m excited to present two more people that I think are stellar on Twitter. Both of these cool people have deep connections to music and the worlds behind the songs. People have their own reasons for being on social networks like Twitter. Some try to get more followers, usually …

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Stay The Course

#2FollowTuesday volume 7

Hey, for a guy who can’t stick with one thing, posting #2FollowTuesday seven weeks in a row is pretty good! Seriously, Please check out the previous volumes and follow all of these beautiful folk. This week, I’m recommending two consistent and wonderful people who are experts in their respective fields. #Follow @JohnLusher for great marketing and …

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Wake Up - Aware Men

#2FollowTuesday – volume 6

#2FollowTuesday I’ve met so many wonderful people on Twitter. They are from many lands and many different circles around the world. Please check out my previous #2FollowTuesday recommendations. Elivan #Follow @PrivateTeacher – an aware man in the modern world. Click To Tweet I met Elivan Souza relatively recently. El is a deeply aware human being which is …

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save music with fan reviews

Why do people think music needs to be saved?

Streaming or not With all the furor over Taylor Swift pulling albums from Spotify, my music blogging friends are writing posts partially propelled by that news item: Steve Lawson on why the major labels love Spotify, Christine Infanger on how artists are fighting the wrong battle, and Solveig Whittle on having dialogue on this whole mess. …

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