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Tips and Tutorial for Programming the Wavestation

Table Of Contents

  1. Programming/Tutorial section
    1. Programming in general
    2. WS specific programming - Tutorial 1
      1. Initialising a performance
      2. Saving a performance
      3. Selecting which patch plays in a performance
      4. Initialising a patch
      5. Saving a patch
      6. Selecting a waveform
      7. Oscillator level
      8. Oscillator tuning
      9. Naming the performance
    3. WS specific programming - Filter Overview
      1. Envelopes
      2. Filter section
      3. LFOs
  2. The "Famous" Tips and terminology section
    1. Know your way around the various WS screens.
    2. Know the basic sound/synthesis fundamentals
    3. Know the basic Wavestation terms/fundamentals.
    4. Separate your programming sessions from your music sessions.
    5. Don't make sounds too 'busy'.
    6. Try to stick to 1 or 2 oscillator patches if possible.
    7. After -- or while -- programming a sound, don't forget the controllers!
    8. Get a librarian for your computer
    9. New sounds without any programming!
    10. Easy effects auditioning
    11. Layering sounds apart
    12. Delay - what delay?
    13. Initialised banks
    14. Reset the WS from time to time
    15. The RAM contents are priceless!
    16. Use the presets as programming raw material
    17. There is no such tip
    18. Programming to order
    19. Jump/Mark pages
    20. Know where you are at all times
    21. Don't ever, EVER, use the following wave sequences...
    22. More ambitious timbres
    23. The Amazing Recursive Tip
    24. Modulating Wave Sequences
    25. Play It Loud!
    26. Effective Effects
    27. Gain Staging (or How to avoid clipping)
    28. Randomising LFO's
    29. General FX Configurations
  3. Answers section

Wavestation Programming/Tips 'N Tricks - Copyright © Ben Hall 1996
Additions and HTML version -- Copyright © Stan Stewart 1997

Thanks to Dan Phillips and John Lehmkuhl from Korg, and all on the (twice defunct but now back up) Wavestation Mailing List.

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Created by Stan Stewart.