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A grand piano.

I've been writing songs and improvising on the piano (and synthesizers) since I was fairly young. I composed the first piece that I can still remember before I started taking piano lessons (which was when I was nine). I have one tape of piano improvisations that is available for purchase. Go here to learn more about it.

My current project is a series of improvisations which I've arranged primarily for synthesizers. These improvisations originated over the last three years -- years which have been filled with change for me.
Find out what gear I use to make these sounds.
Here are some MP3 samples from this upcoming CD (so, of course, you must have an MP3 player in order to hear them):

This is a reflective improvisation, inspired by an escape to the sea side.
Click here to download this sample for playing. (Approximately 800 kilobytes.)
If you have a very slow connection to this server, here is a lo-fi (smaller) version. Half the size, but barely half the quality. (This one is about 400k.)
Lydian Waltz
Inpired by gentle dancing. An introspective piece in 3/4 and lydian mode.
Click here to download this sample for playing. (This is the smallest of the three samples at about 500 kilobytes. The lo-fi version of this one is not recommended since it just doesn't sound very true to the original!)
Timid Advances
A somewhat moody sounding piece. I really like the way the arrangement sounds.
Click here to download this sample for playing. (This is the largest of the three samples at about 900 kilobytes.)
For slow connections, here is a lo-fi (smaller) version. (This one is about 450k.)

Interested in a copy of this CD when it's released? Contact me if you'd like to be notified about how to purchase this CD!

These are my first projects using digital audio.

Music for the moment that is now...

Music is a tremendous creative passion and cathartic outlet. When I improvise I have the possibility of the greatest contact with my own inner truth and am able to express things that are deeper in my psyche than my conscious mind can fathom.

On the days that I find time to improvise on a keyboard or pluck a few notes on a guitar, my whole self has an outlet. I "feel better". If I go for more than a day or two without playing an instrument, my mood often sours. This personal truth has really been in my face for the past few months since I've been suffering from a Repetitive Strain Injury.

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