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I create and produce sounds with these sound modules

Note: You can hear some of the sounds that I've programmed for these synthesizers in samples of my upcoming CD. The Wavestation, Proteus 2000 and Ultraproteus are used extensively in these arrangements of my own improvisations.

* Korg Wavestation SR (a Wavestation mailing list and FAQ). I provide space for Mark Lanoszka's editor for the Wavestation(s) and for lots of information on the Wavestation (all models).

*Emu Proteus 2000. Go to the OneList site to join the p2k mailing list.

*Emu UltraProteus.

*Roland D-110 classic LA multi-timbral module.

*Roland DR-660 drum machine -- used mostly for the ethnic percussion and effects (here's the 660 FAQ and a TurboStart guide in PDF format.

*Roland M-OC1 for string and other good orchestral samples.

*Alesis NanoBass for the low end. The acoustic bass and electric bass sounds are weak, but the variety of synth sounds is good.

*I use a Roland E-35 as a portable keyboard for small gigs. keyboard

My music software includes

*Emagic SoundDiver universal editor/librarian. A demo is available from Emagic's web site. This is a 32-bit (Windows 95 or NT) application. For the SoundDiver mailing list, go to the OneList site. *

*Terzoid Software's superb (bulletproof as far as I can tell -- and that's saying lots about Windoze-based music-related software) NoiZe multiple-instrument editor/librarian. A demo is available from Terzoid's web site. It's 16-bit (designed for Windows 3.1x), but it's so rock solid that it doesn't matter.*

*Cakewalk Pro Audio version 8 which has a corporate web site with newsgroups.

*Sonic Foundry Sound Forge XP. (Yeah, OK. It came for free with my CDR.)

* Mark Lanoszka's excellent, dedicated Wavestation editor. Get your shareware copy here.

*Coda Music's Finale music notation program which also has a corporate web site and message boards.

My recording gear includes

*Alesis ADAT (8-channel digital multi-track);

*Mackie 1202VLZ mixer;

*Smart & Friendly SCSI TurboWriter 6x CDR;

*effects by Lexicon, ART, Boss and Rolls;

*and Sony DAT's for mixdown. My tape of piano improvisations was done direct to one of these Sony DAT machines.

*R0DE NT2 (or RODE NT-2) large diaphragm studio condenser microphone. Excellent for vocals! Adequate for acoustic guitar.

*dbx 266XL dual channel compressor and gate

Miscellaneous MIDI gear includes

*The J.L. Cooper DataSync2 for synchronizing Cakewalk and my ADAT.

*Digital Music "DMC" MX-8 MIDI patch bay.

*KMX (Ensoniq) 16 MIDI patch bay. Seems to be easy to saturate its MIDI throughput -- but lots of MIDI ports for patch changes, etc.

*MidiPerson WinPerson 2x2.

My guitars are

*Alvarez Yairi acoustic, six-string, cedar top.

*Takamine (model EF341C) acoustic with built-in, active electronics.

*Yamaha electric (model RGX standard).

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* P.S. Go here to see my long, sordid dealings with SoundQuest's MIDI Quest supposed universal editor/librarian. To summarize: Avoid it like the plague. It is not the least bit universal and the editing is more like "forget ever restoring your patches with this software". Some of the librarian features work ;-)